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Registration fees

Due to the conference being online, the following costs were halved

Registration Categories Early-bird fees Full fees
International (Euro €) National (Rls) International (Euro €) National (Rls)
Paper Submission (Initial Payment) waived 600,000* waived 600,000*
Authors Regular Registration 200 5,400,000 250 6,000,000
Authors IEEE Students Members 160 4,200,000 200 4,680,000
Authors Scientific Society Members4 160 4,200,000 200 4,680,000
Non-Authors Students 160 4,20,000 200 4,500,000
Non-Authors IEEE Student Members 128 3,520,000 160 3,600,000
Non-Authors Society Student Members4 128 3,520,000 160 3,600,000